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Single Nozzle Rotary

Tube Filling Machine

Single Nozzle Rotary

Ergonomic and compact design of our Rotary Tube Filling Machine can be used for speeds upto 30 tubes/min. Available in different models to pack Laminated tubes, Plastic Tubes, Aluminum Tubes and Combo model to pack both Laminated / Plastic tubes & Aluminum Tubes. compactly designed, sturdy and dependable. This is the best model for new startups.

Model NRL 30 (Laminated/ Plastic Tubes)
NRA 30  (Aluminum Tubes)
NRLA 30 (Laminated & Aluminum Tube COMBO)


30 tubes/min
Tube Diameter 12.5mm to 50mm
Tube Length 70mm to 200mm
Filling Capacity 5ml to 235ml
Power Consumption 4kw
Machine Dimensions 1400 x 1150 x 1500 mm
1800 x 1350 x 1500 mm(COMBO machine)
  • Precise & uniform filling volume at each pump setting
  • No tube no fill mechanism
  • Zero drip with tail cutting arrangement
  • Filling mechanism easily adjustable to different volumes
  • Accurate registration (eye mark orientation)
  • Touch screen display
  • Quick changeover for different tube size
  • High-quality stainless-steel grade SS316 for elements in contact with product
  • Cassette Infeed
  • Jacketed Hopper with Stirrer
  • Tube Cleaning Unit
  • Cap Tightening
  • Tube Transfer Device
  • See-through Polycarbonate Guards


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